How Do You Hack A Facebook Account

How Do You Hack A Facebook Account Password For Free

Hack Facebook password is never been simple. Why? Because Facebook does not use the same way to protect every user's account. But everyday there are still many Facebook accounts getting hacked. How can this happen? It is simple: Let's read all the article below.

There are 4 methods that Hackers usually use to hack a Facebook account:

1) Keyloggers Attack

This is the easiest way to hack Facebook password. Keyloggers are created to record all the keystrokes do on your Computer where it is installed. Some type of keyloggers can take screenshots, record all user ID's and their passwords or login to all the accounts saved on their computer etc. All these keyloggers can be installed easily by remote installation if the hacker know your IP address. Windows Firewall prevent user from accessing those keyloggers but sometime it could be failed.


2) Phishing Attack

This is a hard way to hack Facebook password. Phising method is performed by creating Fake Login Pages. Hacker sends these Fake Login Pages to your email address and require you to login to their Facebook account. The link which attacker

sends you has quite similar URL but not accurate & it's difficult for you to distinguish. Hackers creat this page in that way it looks like the original page since we don't hesitate to login. Now we login to this fake page, the login info is sent to the hacker and we are redirected to our Homepage which make no suspicion is users Mind.

3) Scripting Attack

This is an effective way to hack Facebook password which you should care about most. Hacker will send you any files (most of files are Image File link) and when you click on the send button, all your login info will be sent to the Hacker. These links work once you login to the Facebook account. Some other hackers use the same method to install Keyloggers to the your computer which can record all your activities and sent it to the hacker.

4) Fake Hacking Tricks Attack

This is the silliest way to hack Facebook password I've ever seen. When you think that you are Going to hack Facebook password, in fact you are giving info for your account. What happens is that you get some fake scripts from the internet to hack Facebook password (completely fake). Those who posted these fake scripts persuade you that the scripts are reliable and you should paste in the address bar when you are logged in. Once you do so, you can not hack into any Facebook account. Otherwise, you give all the private info to the hacker. So it is stupid to disclose someone your Facebook password by yourself and then claiming that your Facebook account has been really hacked by someone else. Though you are very want to hack Facebook password, let's calm down! Never believe any such Trick!

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